Special HOPE VI Services


Program Management, Project Executive and Development Manager Services

Griffon can provide full or part time management services for any HOPE VI project in an appropriate format. These services can be obtained on an interim or permanent basis. If a HOPE VI project is delayed or needs temporary help until procurement can be completed, Griffon can help avoid development delay. As a leader of the HOPE VI team Griffon helps to insure a successful development. Project-long commitments usually require between two and three days per week, as a minimum, for the duration of the post grant period.

Design/Construction Oversight and Inspection Services

Griffon provides the confidence that the HOPE VI developer/partner is performing appropriately. Oversight is available from the initiation of the design process through the last move in.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available in person, via phone and Internet video conferencing. If a PHA lacks video conferencing capability we will FedEx one of our laptops with an integral camera and simple set up instructions.

Maximizing the Yield in the Sale of Tax Credits and Bonds

Through a variety of established relationships on Wall Street and within the insurance, banking and pension communities, it is possible for Griffon to price and place tax credits and bonds without the large commissions historically associated with these transactions.

The HOPE VI Quick Review Team (QRT)

It is possible to obtain a valuable reality check for a HOPE VI project in one weekend seminar, no matter where the project is in the development process.

The process begins after providing all project documentation to the team ten days before the seminar. The team will arrive late Friday for a site visit and a review of its initial findings with the Executive Director. This will include a review of the Project Analysis and Seminar Workbook developed specifically for this project. The information covered will be divided into four parts.

First is an overview of the HOPE VI development process, as it relates to this project (two hours). Second is a HUD compliance review (two hours). Third is a candid analysis of the current development plan (five hours) followed by a training staff dinner with the Executive Director to evaluate progress. Fourth is an intense group exercise in how to insure the success of this project (four hours). Lastly, there is closing meeting with the Executive Director followed by a final report within five days. The seminar runs from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM on Saturday and from 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM on Sunday. This intense seminar is limited to six participants and involves three training staff.

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