Capabilities and Experience


The Griffon Group, LLC is a Woman-owned Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE) based in Northern California. The Griffon Group’s team members have a wide range of skills and experience in every aspect of the public housing arena. The Griffon Group also has extensive experience in supporting HOPE VI grantees in applying for, and implementing their grants, as well as recovering projects that face significant problems or risk of failure. Griffon Group has also held a HUD Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract as a HOPE VI Technical Assistance Provider for HUD, as well acting as a contractor for the Troubled Agency Recovery Center (TARC).

With its team of real estate developers and public and assisted housing professionals, Griffon Group has a strong, applied knowledge of the Capital Fund Program, the HOPE VI program, and mixed finance projects. The company is skilled and experienced in:

  • Providing on-site technical assistance to PHAs, often involving local government officials, resident organizations, OPHI staff, and other stakeholders. Griffon’s work at the Housing Authority of the County of Chester, where the company assisted in recovering several at-risk mixed finance projects – including HOPE VI funds – is a perfect example of the company’s ability to work productively with multiple parties within the PHA, the community, and HUD to bring about a successful outcome.
  • Conducting on-site quality assurance, construction management, and programmatic compliance inspections. The Griffon Group’s staff includes professional appraisers and construction managers skilled in ensuring that projects are being completed according to regulatory requirements, are on budget, and are on schedule, and at developing strategies to overcome problems when necessary.
  • Developing and delivering training. Griffon has delivered training to PHA Boards and staff covering all areas of development and basic PHA operations, including general construction management, mixed finance development, HOPE VI program management and risk mitigation.

Griffon Group also supports PHAs in strategic planning and design of housing development programs, both through conventional means and via the use of LIHTCs and mixed finance approaches. Griffon also has a thorough knowledge of Section 504 and ADA Requirements, as well as the HOME Program, and applies this expertise to its goal of assisting PHAs in the implementation of new HUD initiatives made possible by QHWRA and other new legislation. The Griffon Group demonstrates a strong background in developing programs designed to acquire new or replace old housing, creating sustainable public housing or mixed-income communities. The Griffon Group brings a team of experienced, creative, and dedicated professionals with a wide range of innovative private and public sector skills, merging the skills of market rate builders/developers with specialists in subsidized housing, appraisals, MIS consulting, property management, and other HUD programs. Griffon is also highly experienced in dealing with tenant relations, resident issues, and community and supportive services, including the Moving to Work program, through its staff’s associations directly with PHAs.

Currently, Griffon is engaged as the provider of Administrative Receiver Services for the Housing Authority of New Orleans. As a subcontractor to Bearing Point, Griffon is providing strategic planning for development services to the Yolo County Housing Authority, and has also served in a Board Advisor capacity in recovery of mixed finance projects at the Housing Authority of the County of Chester. Griffon staff have worked at numerous PHAs throughout their careers, including the Detroit Housing Commission, the Housing Authority of Louisville, and the Gary Housing Authority, the Philadelphia Housing Authority among others.

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